How to Clean & Free up Space on Android Device?

What if all the things you have been doing on your fancy Android smartphone suddenly turned out to be more complex? We all have been there once, right? Just over a period of time, the new shine fades off and you must have started recalling your phone’s glorious days. Off-course, it’s not the time when you start tempting yourself towards the expensive and upgraded version smartphones.

You might be experiencing your phone’s sluggish behavior, delay in the launch and performance of several applications, unresponsive keyboard, lagging transitions, etc. Now, here the question arises, How to clean Android phone? These are the symptoms that clearly indicate that your Android is getting slow to the crawl and you need not fret about this situation. Here are the few steps that help you to clean the junk files and free up space on Android phone.

Uninstall Unwanted Applications

Uninstall Unwanted Applications

Over a period of time, we usually end up downloading multiple applications, no matter whether we are using them or not. However, applications don’t harm your smartphone, but they do occupy a major storage space in your device. In this case, you can simply delete or uninstall the unwanted applications from your device that eventually helps to recover the wasted storage space.

Exterminate Bloatware

Bloatware is defined as the pre-installed applications that come along with the smartphone. It’s not necessary that all the bloatware offered by the device’s manufacturer are useful. You can simply disable the unwanted bloatware and free up some memory of your Android smartphone

Exterminate Bloatware
Clean Junk

Clean Junk and Cache files

Cache files and junk files are generally created while surfing internet. Even the apps that you rarely use also have cached data that takes up a huge storage space. In order to free up space on Android, we need to clear the cache data of the apps and junk files from the browser. It helps to clean Android junk and enhances the overall performance as well.

Manage and Clean Device Storage

After a year’s of use, there must be a huge collection of downloads or number of files that you no longer need. What’s the point of keeping these useless files on your Android smartphone? Again, they do nothing apart from sitting idle, but occupy huge storage space. Manage the storage space by deleting the unwanted files from your Android smartphone. It automatically releases some storage space on your device and helps to clean Android phone.

Manage and Clean

Performing the above-mentioned steps could be a daunting and tedious job for you. So, how about using an all-in-one optimizer for your Android smartphone? Yes! The Smart Phone Cleaner is an Android junk file cleaner that cleans up the junk files or temporary files from your device and helps you retrieve chunks of storage space.

The key features of Smart Phone Cleaner are:

Smart Phone Cleaner
  • 1-Tap Booster : Smart Phone Cleaner is a one-tap optimizer that helps you to gently optimize your Android device to release RAM and boost its overall performance.

  • Auto-Cleaner : It also works as an Auto-Cleaner that automatically boosts your smartphone at the scheduled time. You can set it for 2/4/6 or 8 hours. Further, it also notifies the amount of released memory.

  • App Manager : App-Manager is the most significant module of Smart Phone Cleaner. It lets you manage all the installed applications by simply deleting\uninstalling or archive them with just one tap.

  • Junk Cleaner : As the name appears, it works as an Android junk file cleaner that helps you analyze and clean Android junk. It gently removes the unnecessary junk files and temporary files and accelerates the overall performance of your Android smartphone.

  • Smart File Explorer : This is an intelligently designed prototype that lets you manage our device’s storage in a categorized way.

Download and Install now if your phone is running slow.

Download Now Compatible with Android 4.0+

Smart Phone Cleaner is an all-in-one optimizer that not only optimizes your Android device, but also assists you in saving your device’s battery life up to 50%. It helps you to clean the junk files and free up lots of storage space that automatically enhances the overall performance of your Android device.