How to Clean Android Cache using App Cache Cleaner?

Android smartphones have a tendency to fill up very quickly. The moment you start downloading any new application or media files such as music, videos or pictures, they automatically start creating cache data for offline use. Cache data can be defined as the temporary files. Whenever you access any website or application, it automatically creates the cache files that further help to provide you an easy access to the same website page or application, instead of downloading it again. Hence, the main purpose of the cache files is to provide you an enhanced browsing experience.

Cache files are also created by downloaded applications. However, so far we have seen several advantages of cache files, but there are various disadvantages also that are more than sufficient to get rid of them. Many times they are also responsible for such error messages like “Storage space running out” or “Insufficient storage available”. After witnessing these error messages, the first question strikes your mind would be “How do I clean my phone cache?” Well, here a few easy-to-perform tips that help you to clean android cache.

Clear Cache

Clear Cache of Individual Application

If an individual app is crashing or misbehaving, you can simply clear the cache of that particular culprit application. Go to Settings> Application Manager> Tap on the particular app from the list> and tap on Clear Cache. It is considered to be the easiest method to clean Android cache.

Clear Cache of all Apps

If you are witnessing some serious lags in your Android smartphone, then you can clean entire Android cache using our device’s built-in settings. Go to Settings> Storage> Cached Data and a pop-up will appear on your screen seeking your permission “This will clear cached data for all apps?” then tap on OK.

Clear Cache all Apps
Clear Downloads Folder

Clear Downloads Folder

The Downloads folder is a place where you will definitely find lots of junk files such as old downloaded files that are no longer needed. Delete the unneeded files from the Downloads folder and clean Android cache. It simultaneously releases chunks of memory as well.

Delete or Uninstall Unwanted Applications

You must have downloaded several applications on your Android smartphone. And, moreover, you are definitely not using all of them. I recommend you to delete or uninstall all those unwanted applications installed on your Android device. This helps to retrieve huge wasted storage space.

Delete or Uninstall
Clear Cache of Browsers

Clear Cache of Browsers

The browser’s cache also demands to be cleaned up, on a specific time interval. Clean the browser cache timely that eventually enhances your browsing experience.

Once you will clear the cache files or temporary files from your device, you will notice an instant change in the way your smartphone behaves. So, these are the manual steps to be performed on your Android smartphone. But, how about using a dedicated app to clean android cache? Yes! Smart Phone Cleaner will help you further with its attractive key features.

The key features of Smart Phone Cleaner are:

Android Cleaner
  • App Cache Cleaner : Smart Phone Cleaner works as an amazing app cache cleaner, as it clears all the cache data generated by applications. It is highly automated and helps you to clean Android cache.

  • Junk File Cleaner : With the help of this module, you can recover chunks of storage space by cleaning away the waste data such as junk files or temporary files. It even helps you in clearing browsing history with just one tap.

  • Memory Optimizer : It also works as a phone cleaner that optimizes your smartphone’s external and internal storage. It manages the data storage and enhances your device’s overall performance.

Download and Install now if your phone is running slow.

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Ultimately, Smart Phone Cleaner is an all-in-one cache cleaner tool that cleans up the cache files and also saves your device’s battery life up to 50%. So, if you are looking for a junk file cleaner, app cache cleaner, battery saver or memory optimizer; Smart Phone Cleaner is the best tool to fit in your choice.