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How to Fix Storage Space Running out Problem on Android?

The only error message that appears to be one the greatest threat to us is “Storage space running out”. You probably get angrily mystified when you are trying to update or install any app onto your Android device and suddenly appear “Insufficient storage space”. This refers to be a general problem for all Android users. As we all know that smartphones come with a limited memory space, so eventually we will need a good quality memory card to expand our storage space. But, you cannot simply keep on upgrading to the higher version of smartphones or even memory cards. When we have lots of storage space, we generally forget to delete the unwanted files or data from our Android device and this directly leads to the above-mentioned threatened error message.

Instead of upgrading your smartphone or even a memory card, you can try multiple solutions to fix this error message manually. Lack of space causes the arrival of “Insufficient storage available” and that too periodically. Here, in this guide, we will assist you further by providing multiple and easy solutions to fix this problem.

Clear Cache Data

Clear the Cache Data

It’s not only the browser that generates cache files or temp files; your Android applications also create cache data over the time. The apps’ cache data consists of your accounts’ profile picture, account details, downloaded items from the specific app, etc. It is totally safe to wipe out the apps’ cache data. Go to Settings> Applications> tap on any downloaded app to see the storage space they have occupied and tap on the Clear Cache to clean the cache data. It really gives you a sigh of relief from the insufficient storage available error.

Clear Out Unwanted Apps

Now, this is the most important thing you need to do when are running out of space on Android smartphone. You must be having multiple applications on your device, but what’s the point of keeping the unnecessary ones? So, when you have insufficient storage space, you can clear out the unwanted apps without any hesitation. Just make sure that you are really not using them.

Clear Out Unwanted Apps
Manage Data Storage

Manage Data Storage

Over a period of time, you will find that you have stored multiple pictures, music, and video files; and off-course you have done lots of downloading as well. Delete the literal unwanted data or crap stored on your smartphone. Next, open the Downloads folder and remove those files that you no longer need. By managing the stored data, you can easily retrieve lots of storage space on your smartphone.

Use Quality SD Card

A messy and poor quality SD card can also make your Android smartphone dead slow. Always go for a good quality and high-speed memory card such as Class 10 or Class 6. And, moreover, do remember to back-up of your SD card data on your computer or hard-drive. A high-speed or good class memory card works very smoothly on your Android smartphone.

Use Quality SD Card

Now, while concluding what I’ve come up here with is an all-in-one advanced Android optimizer that effortlessly replaces most of the above-mentioned tedious steps. The tool is named as Smart Phone Cleaner. Let’s have a brief look

The key features of Smart Phone Cleaner are:

Android Cleaner
  • Junk Cleaner : This is the best module of Smart Phone Cleaner that relieves you from the error message of “Storage space running out”. It gently cleans up all the junk files from your Android smartphone and boost up the overall speed.

  • App Manager : It lets you analyze and manage all the installed applications on your Android device. It allows you to delete the unwanted applications and helps to recover chunks of storage space.

  • App Cache Cleaner : App Cache Cleaner: It optimizes your Android device and allows you to clear the App cache to release memory. It is highly automatic and takes no time to delete the unwanted junk.

  • File Explorer : File Explorer not only allows you to manage your stored data, but also lets you preview, backup or delete data as per your requirement. You can easily delete the unwanted media to recover storage space.

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The Smart Phone Cleaner is said to be the best Android junk cleaner that helps you retrieve chunks of storage space while performing all these tasks automatically. It also works as a battery booster that extends your device’s battery life up to 50%.