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Why Android Phone is Running Slow?

The moment we buy any Android device, we probably think that it should always remain the same way as we bought it for the first time. Things are not meant to be same forever. Your initial affection with your Android device seems no longer to be there and the major reason behind that is its slow performance. The reason behind a lagging Android device could be anything, such as your smartphone is running out of space, background running applications, too much heavy games or apps, stored junk files or temporary files, etc.

Here are the major reasons behind your lagging Android device

Unneeded Apps

Unneeded Apps

You have probably installed several applications in your smartphone. Some of them really attract you while a few you don’t even remember after installing. You can simply uninstall the unneeded applications that help you recover wasted storage space.

Junk Files

There are countless junk files or temporary files stored in your Android device without your knowledge. Deleting these junk files, temporary files and partially downloaded files directly enhances the performance.

Junk Files
Background running Apps

Background running Apps

To make the most out of your Android smartphone, closing the apps from the recent button is not at all enough. There are a lot of applications running behind the wall without your knowledge. In order to close these running apps, go to Settings> Apps> Running and here you will find the major culprits draining your battery and making your device snail slow.


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, hotspot, etc. are the real battery juicers that come pre-installed on your Android device. Turn-off these radio when not in use. This equally enhances your device’s functioning. It allows your battery to last long for a full day.


In order to boost the speed of your Android device, there are several manual steps you can perform by your own. Instead of performing all these time-consuming steps, you can use Smart Phone Cleaner that automatically cleans up your Android device. Smart Phone Cleaner is basically a cache cleaning tool, which lets you clean up the junk files or temp. files from your lagging device. With the help of this advanced tool, you can reclaim chunks of storage space by deleting unneeded data or applications. It’s a one-tap optimizer that not only optimizes internal storage, but also cleans up the junk files from the externally connected devices.

How Smart Phone Cleaner Works?

From checking to optimizing to enhance the performance of your smartphone, it offers pre-set intelligent options that naturally boost battery life up to 50%. It features 5 major modules that works together to optimize your smartphone. The highlighted features are:

Smart Phone Cleaner
  • Background Cache Cleaning : It Performs background cache cleaning and clean up the junk files that helps in releasing chunks of memory.

  • Smart File Explorer : Recover more space by managing storage in a smart way with Smart File Explorer. You can preview, backup and delete the data as per your need.

  • Optimize Phone and External Storage : Besides optimizing internal storage of your device, it also optimizes externally connected memory card as well.

  • Reclaim Precious Memory : Retrieve wasted storage space by deleting junk file or temporary files.

  • Boost up Battery Life up to 50% : Get an extended battery life by turning on the Battery Saver mode.

Download and Install this app now if your Android phone is running slow.

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Smart Phone Cleaner can also be proclaimed as all-in-one optimizer, as it does all these tasks in just one-single tap. It is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free.